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I've known other lists that mask all mail to and from as the list and I honestly 
didn't like that too much. I wonder if kmail (that's your mail client right?) has a 
feature like mutt (the mail client I use) does. With mutt you can reply to a list serv 
and it will automatically change the " To:" feild to the address you setup as the 
destination for that mailing list. If anything you could look into running mutt until 
the listserv changes otherwise.

Not the answer you were looking for but at least it's a viable solution ;)

Or you could setup procmail on your machine to rewrite the "From:" or "Reply to:" 
headers for any mail sent to the gimp list as showing From/reply to as the listserv. 

> Hello,
> if I want to answer some posting, I normally want it to go to the list, but
> because the list is not the sender and an "reply to" isn't set, the mail is
> addressed privately to the sender.  Some times I'm able to change this
> behaviour -- sometimes not ;-))
> Isn't it a good idea to add this "reply to: the list"?
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