Let's say I have 2 images, and one is RGB, and the other is indexed. If I drag
a layer from the RGB image to the indexed image, the RGB bit gets converted to
indexed. I am not saying this is a bug, but it would be nice to be warned about
it, with a 'don't tell me this ever again' button on the dialog box.

   Which leads me to my second point. How about having a multi-modal gimp, eg
'expert' mode [where you either: a) don't get ever warned about potential
pitfalls, or b) get warned, but can use a 'don't tell me this ever again' button
on the dialog box to turn specific warnings off], and 'apprentice' mode that
will warn you of every little insignificant foible. Or even munge the two modes.

And finally, how about democracy.gimp.org [or something] where polls can be
held [like the recent 'what to do in script-fu' one], and perhaps a wishlist
message board to request new features. Maybe even a running total of cast
votes, with a nice graph of results, a la Slashdot.

Talking of wishlists, howzabout a button on the 'Document Index' dialogue that
will clear all entries, or making the entries multiply-selectable, like in the
'File > Open' dialog. A 'delete' key binding would be nice, too. And also, I
would like it to not list more than about 100, as it stands at 309 at the
moment. <bloat idea> how about a little icon next to each filename to indicate
whether each file exists or not </bloat idea>. 

just my 0.02

alex d

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