Hi all.

Xach missed the CCC-Notes, here they are again ;-)


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Hi Olof,

> It was a very nice weekend (CCC camp) and I hope I can meet you all again.
> Anyway I hope that you all had some luck with the eclipse. Below is the
> edited todo list. Any questions just mail me otherwise I will send it to
> the mailing list as a post from us all Friday or Saturday.
Yes it was indeed very nice to be at the camp! The eclipse wasn't as 
impressing as I hopes it to be due to the fact that it was raining and we 
haven't seen the total eclipse phase at all. However the moment when the 
light went off was pretty chilling...

I have attached an overworked version of your TODO proposal. These are only 
small formatting changes ( and I changed tile cash to tile cache ).

Salut, Sven


Hello Gimpers!

As some of you may know, we (Sven, Mitch, Simon and Olof) have had a
Gimp session at the CCC camp in Berlin. Naturally, this resulted in a lot
of hacking and we have added some nice new features to Gimp.

Most of our current project is not finished yet, and some of the features
aren't in a presentable state, so we can can't commit them now. But 
freezing Gimp without adding these new features makes some of our work 
quite useless. We have therefore redefined the meaning of "feature freeze", 
and hereby add those features (listed below) to the development version of 
Gimp. You can consider them virtually checked into the current CVS tree :-).

* Features added by Sven, Mitch, Simon and Olof into the *
*  current CVS tree as of 8 August 1999, Berlin Germany: *


Channels                -> drag channel to toolbox to create new image
                                (both grayscale and RGB)
                        -> drag alpha channels to image to add channels to
                                that image (both single and multiple
                                selected channels)
                        -> drag color from color selection dialog or
                                fg/bg color swatches to colorify channel

Layers                  -> drag to palette (new palette from the current
                        -> drag to brush (new brush from layer)
                        -> drag to pattern (new pattern from layer)
                        -> drag to gradient (extract palette and
                                distribute in HSV space :-)
                        -> drag to layer mask

Selected layers         -> the same functions as for Layers

Layer Masks             -> the same functions as for Layers

Image                   -> drag image to layer dialog to create new layer
                                of image (select (modifier key) to drag
                                all visible layers or just the active
                        -> drag image to layer mask (select (modifier key)
                                to drag all visible layers or just the
                                active layer)

                        -> drag image to channel (select (modifier key) to
                                drag all visible layers or just the active
                        -> to palette (new palette from the active layer)
                        -> to brush (new brush from image)
                        -> to pattern (new pattern from image)
                        -> to gradient (extract palette and distribute :-)

File                    -> drag filename (from the File Open dialog) to
                        -> to layermask
                        -> to channel
                        -> to palette (new palette from the active layer)
                        -> to brush (new brush from image)
                        -> to pattern (new pattern from image)
                        -> to gradient (extract palette and distribute :-)

Toolbox                 -> drag foreground color in fg/bg color swatch to
                                background or vice versa
                        -> drag color, pattern or gradient to status

Path                    -> drag selected paths to image  (will copy paths
                                from one image to another)

Color selectors         -> use the standard GTK color-drag
                        -> color to channel
                        -> color to Q-mask

Device status           -> drag pattern, color and brush


Selection of paths      -> intersect, add, sub, etc.
To selection            -> clear the path "pixels"
Interaction             -> drag the beziers in the curve
                        -> Include Simons stuff (modify the behavior of
                                the tool)
Creation of new bez     -> auto creation of new path, will not destroy the
                                currently active path


General settings        -> see the context
Pressure/tilt paint     -> gradient
                        -> size
                        -> tilt of brush
                        -> opacity
                        -> color space transform :-)
Transform tool          -> the Intuous 4D mouse
Zoom/Pan                -> the Intuous 4D mouse

*Help sys*:

Help file structure     -> follow the menu structure
URLTypes                -> GIMP, PDF  and HTML   (use xpdf for pdf files)
Context driven help     -> browser launch user configurable:
                                no browser/ existing browser/ new browser
Invoking                -> time sensitivity in menu items (i.e roaming
                                5 sec over the <image>/Select/All
                                command will automatically load
                                the Select All help page). 
                        -> when the helpbrowser is opened and you invoke a 
                                command; e.g zoom, text, image/grayscale 
                                etc, the help page for that command will be 
                        -> pressing F1 will open the main help page.
                        -> and of course have a help menu item in the toolbox.
Write the files :-)


Context                 -> tree structure
                        -> mapping Xinput matrix
                        -> save function
                        -> (context manager) see Simon's preview of it


Indicator area          -> add gradient indicator
                        -> click in current gradient and get gradient


***                     -> save tool option settings implemented as
                                session managment
 Brush}                 -> paint with gradient (all of the blends as in
                                the blend tool)
Xinput-airbrush         -> new tool
Sponge                  -> new tool: saturate/desaturate
Measurement             -> new tool: length in pixels and in resolution (i.e
                                inches, cm or light years :-) second point
                                will give angle
Bez                     -> restricted to hor/vert/45 deg?
                                Maybe not possible due to mod keys?


Gradient selection      -> the default ones in a separate top area
                        -> toggle button for inverted gradients
Prefs                   -> tool to generate xserver res for the prefs

* Mandatory for Gimp 1.2 (at least we think so), *
* but we are not planning to do it:              *


Freehand select         -> straight lines (plus mods as in the paint tools)
IS                      -> Fix it :-)
                        -> straight lines (plus mods as in the paint tools)
Move tool               -> temp switch only when invoked by guides
                        -> switch it off as a preference
Freehand bezier select  -> make a free selection and then selection to
                                path, just hide it for the user


Brush                   -> possibility to save edited brushes
File                    -> generate more than one preview at a time
                                (button for dir)


Installation (user)     -> dialogs to ask for e.g the tile cache size
Tile cache              -> location should be taken from g_get_tmp_dir()

Every Gimp developer is naturally welcome to participate in the
development of these features, but please contact us before you start, 
so that we can code more effectively.

Happy Gimping Michael, Olof, Simon and Sven


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