(A little off topic, sorry for the interruption.)

Is there anyone in the Denver region (within a days drive, perhaps) that
would be interested in giving either a Demo or BoF session at the Colorado
Linux Info Quest?  We've got lots of embedded, business, server and
developer types talking already (found 3 Debian developers to give a Debian
BoF), but we're missing desktop issues.  GNOME and KDE would also be
interesting topics.

I'd do it, but I'm chairing this expo so won't have time.  I can probably
cover a nights hotel for anyone who volunteers (plus free admission, of
course).  I don't think I can cover airfare, however. 

This wouldn't be a "talk" per se - a "Demo" would be a real demo of Gimp's
capabilities and a "BoF" is an informal gathering of similar thinkers,
headed by one or more individuals.

If you're interested, drop me an email.  Info on the conference and exhibit
can be found at www.thecliq.org.  Its going to be held on Saturday, April


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