I can't believe that if I am not the only person with
this problem that someone hasn't solved it long ago.

May be I am doing something wrong.

I am using CVS as a form of software delivery rather than
a joint software development.

On my machine, I have gimp-1.1.15. If I choose to update it,
I need a patch 1.1.15 -> <current level>.

So far as I can tell, only patches for 
      <previous level> -> <current level> 
are archived.

1. Why not archive patches from say 1.1.11 -> <current level> whenever
there is a new levels for levels 1.1.12 < level < 1.1.20?

2. If this is not thought possible or desirable, why not have a web
CVS interface that can deliver any required patch on request.
(I thought that bonsai did this, but I cannot get it to).

I assume that I have got something wrong somewhere, but I cannot
see what.


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