> On  1 Apr, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> > I think using optional(!) tags (which will be more verbose) will
> > even more useful: Not much added strain on the programmer, not
> > strain on translators (we need one more translator for the en
> > mapping).
>  Please note that adding "tags" to the messages will mean that GIMP
>  isn't usable any more without catalogs which is not very sensible 
>  IMHO. I'd rather refine the messages to have more variance in the
>  texts... 

Why should English be treated differently than any other language?
Let's just add an English catalog to the default installation and
the user will not see any difference.

If we want people to use the localized versions of Gimp withoug
laughing at us we better do a good job in making sure that we
can display messages that make sense in any language. 

Daniel, I guess you are German. Have you ever encountered software
that was localized to the German locale and still displayed messages
that sounded more like English even though all the words were in

I've delt with internationalization and localization for several 
years now (working for a US based company). I don't think that
I've seen it all, but I have certainly seen a lot of really bad
attempts to localize software. If we can not do it right, we
should not even try. 

 ... just my 2 (not localized) cents,

Karl Heinz

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