we are trying to fix all bugs that have been reported through
the bugtracker. However there a few reports that have been 
hard to reproduce from the very beginning and now it's very 
hard to figure out if they are still present in currect 
versions of The GIMP. I therefore ask everyone to have a look 

Please go through the list and see if 
- you have submitted a bug yourself. Please check if the bug
  you've reported is still valid.
- you can reproduce a bug listed there. This is especially 
  interesting if the bug seems to be related to an OS, an 
  X-Server, a window-manager... The developers do not have 
  access to all kind of hardware/software. If you do not
  provide assistance here, your bug will most likely never
  be fixed.
- you can verify that a bug has definitely been fixed. 

If you can verify an older bug, please send email to
with a detailed description of your system and how you
did reproduce the bug. If possible, send a patch!

If you have any ideas what might cause the bug, help us
fixing it by sending email to 
(or send patches).

If you think you can definitely close a bugreport (for 
example because you reported it and it seems to work now),
please send mail to 
       <bugnumber>[EMAIL PROTECTED]
with a few lines explaining why you think the bug was fixed.
It helps if you refer to a Changelog entry that has closed
the bug. 

Salut, Sven

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