>> Some other, nice (imo), proposed changes to gimprc:
>>(undo-levels 15)
>>note that the undo-levels is set much lower than what I have it, but 5
>>just seems... well.. quite small.)
>I think 5 is too small and 15 too high. How about 10?

It depends what kind of images and computer you work with.

>Regarding what Sven said about this taking too much memory, i think that there
>are _a lot_ more users using the Gimp for small images (like web things etc.),
>and so perhaps Gimp should be tailored to them to start with. Just IMHO :o)

Well, yes, that is true. Then 15 should be OK, IIRC I have been running with
a higher number (20 or more, maybe 100 sometimes, sorry but the info is in
another computer), doing small images with few memory (for today standards
for picture retouching, 64MB) but as you said, it was for web and such so
most of undos where just a pencil dot here and there, when doing hi-res I
lowered it to 5 or 10.

Who was reviewing the tips and trick phrases? This thing is a good one if
not already included ("You can choose how many undo levels, look in ...").

>Also, as far as i can see (about 2.5 metres), the Gimp can't save multiple
>"sessions". what i mean is that you could save different layouts of the
>Naturally something for 1.3 if anyone thinks its a good idea :o)

For 1.3 it would be great, with names for your own configs and a default one
(symlink to a real session or any other kind of link).


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