>I am currently taking care of the tips.  I will add one about the
>number of undo levels.  Thanks for the suggestion.  I also take this
>opportunity to thank those who have already e-mailed me some new tips.
>Keep them coming!

Do you have a web site with current ones (I mean accepted, not distributed
yet)? If you do not have it, you should, so you only get new ones (maybe
inspired by already accepted ones).

>Regarding the default number of undo levels, I think that 5 is OK.  I
>would not mind if the default was increased to 10, but I would
>certainly not like to have it set to anything larger.  If the default
>number is too large, we would probably get many complaints from users
>reporting that the Gimp uses way too much memory and disk space.

Hehehe... with old GIMP we had the problem of "I have 128 MB of RAM but it
is slow, [ makes lot of noise | swaps a lot ], GIMP sucks!" due low tile
cache by default. The more tips, the better (we just need users that read
them ;] ).


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