Hi gimp world.

I know nothing about art and colors and all that, but I'd like to hack out
a plug-in to allow people to make nice-looking color combinations in logos
and etc.

I make a lot of logos and whatnot, and can never figure out what colors go
with what. (I'm dumb like that.)

So I was wondering if anyone knows a mathematical formula for determining
such things, or a source of information like that? I've looked at a bunch
of art sites, and they all have color wheels and whatnot, but, well, I
just don't really grok what they're trying to tell me, and I'm sure there
are other, equally clueless people out there who would much rather just
see a three-panel swatch (like the kind you can get from home supply
stores, one big square of color and two color squares that 'match') than
try to tweak things out.

Any help given is much appreciated!

If not, well, I'll go steal a bunch of swatches, scan them, and run the
values thru a perl script. :P


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