On  4 May, Uwe Koloska wrote:

> But there was a problem during "make install".  In plug-ins/perl/po it
> says:
>       cp cs.gmo /opt/Gnome/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/gimp-perl.mo
>       cp: cs.gmo: No such file or directory
>       make: [install-po] Error 1 (ignored)
> the same for all the other languages: de.gmo, fr.gmo,it.gmo, no.gmo,
> ru.gmo By examining the problem I found that there are no *.gmo-files
> only the *.po.  Is there a step missing that transforms the *.po into
> *.gmo?

 Seems so. Seems like the .gmo files were not generated and you have the
 necessary gettext tools not installed.
> And yes, I have gettext-0.10.35 and am working under linux-2.2.14,
> glibc-2.1.2, gcc-2.95.2.

 Do you have just the lib or also the tools? What is configure saying
 to this situation.

> BTW: Who ist responsible for the tips and their translations?

 Every one who wants to, send a patch and it will be surely applied
 by someone, most probably Sven. :)

> Or the translations for all the gimp?

 The are in big parts Svens and my fault... :)

>  Does a document exists, that describes
> the common terms for some languages?
> Like:   layers   Ebenen ...  
> colours  Farben ...

 Nothing official yet...



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