Hago Ziegler wrote:
> Hi,
> >  > Wouldn't it be good for Gimp, if there would be an external viewer
> >  > to watch the files?
> >
> > Yes and no. He told me that he wouldn't be making the viewer able to
> > parse xcf files completely, anyway, as that would be too complex. Only
> > the bottom layer would probably be shown. (This is how IrfanView works
> > for psd (Photoshop) files, too, I think.)
> I think, that's a misunderstanding. It seemd very strange to me, that such a
> complex viewer shows only the bottom layer of an image file, so I tried
> IrfanView with layerd Photoshop-files:
> it shows the layers flattened on a white background, that means, the
> transparency  of the bottom-layer doesn't work with pds-files, but beside
> this, everything is visible, not just the bottom-layer.
> The layers aren't available in the viewer, but that's not, what a viewer is
> asked for.

By default photoshop saves a flattened version of the image as well as all of
the layers for backward compatibility purposes.  I would assume that IrfanView is
just displaying the flattened version of the image straight from the file.

We may want to add similar functionality to gimp and the xcf format at some point
to make it easier for other applications to display xcf files.

It seems to me like we should provide a libxcf for applications such as this.

Jay Cox

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