>By default photoshop saves a flattened version of the image as well as all of
>the layers for backward compatibility purposes.  I would assume that
IrfanView is
>just displaying the flattened version of the image straight from the file.
>We may want to add similar functionality to gimp and the xcf format at some
>to make it easier for other applications to display xcf files.

No no no, or optional. I got a .psd and it was big (now I know why). I
loaded into Gimp, saved and compressed and it become small (it had two
layers, plus the copy, after only two real ones and bzip2'ed).

So the "full copy in one layer" should be optional, like GIF comments or
similar things. I do not want to waste disk space just cos others want to
view .xcf (what I always take as the source file of image works, a .c file
for images, not the binary, the final image).

And btw, to quick load, have anyone tried "gimp --no-data --no-splash file"?
It is not as faster as a viewer, but it is better than other solutions.

>It seems to me like we should provide a libxcf for applications such as this.



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