Hi GIMPers!
I'm actually working on a new release of my plug-in, I've succesfully
integrated the gtk_font_selection with my font_slection widget even if
externally nothing seems to be changed!!
I hope this will be a BIG NEWS for everybody here was waiting for a better
support for font choosing in this plug-in (specially for the font encoding)! ;)
Actually 1.5.0-RC2 is totally incompatible with previous releases of gDynText,
but I've planned to re-add the compatibilty routines into the final release.
I've finally dropped the support for gimp 1.0.x series and cutted every
unecessary #ifdef block. ;)

Is there someone so brave to dare testing it for a while? ;)
You could download it from:

If everything works fine and no serious bugs will be found, I hope to release
the final 1.5.0 by the end of this week.
Happy GIMPing!

P.S. Please, could anyone update the PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS file into the CVS tree
in order to add me (Marco Lamberto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>) as the maintainer of
gdyntext? ;)
Thanks in advance. ;)
//\/\ Marco (LM) Lamberto
      e-mail:            [EMAIL PROTECTED] (remove 'nOsPaMz-')
      The Sunny Spot  -  http://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/1474/

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