> Why is there *yet another* incomplete list of all Gimp contributors in
> the AUTHORS file? Hint: We already had enough such lists, and none of
> those are properly maintained either.

I wrote this update for AUTHORS because it's the first place anyone is likely
to look for a list of authors (seems sensible!). If the list is incomplete,
please go ahead and update the list with whoever i've missed out (like you --
sorry!!). The idea is that any new contributers can add their names when they
first help out so the list keeps up-to-date.

> Pointers to (PLUGIN_)MAINTAINERS and gimp-devel@xcf are much, much more
> useful for the purpose envisioned by GNU, while About Gimp is the
> existing canonical acknowledgements list. Did I miss anything?

Not all people who helped with the gimp are plugin maintainers, and not
everyone hangs out on gimp-developer (if thats what you meant). Perhaps a note
at the bottom of AUTHORS with relevent links would be useful though. Regarding
the list in about_dialog.c, you shouldn't have to look through source
code/launch the program to see the authors listing IMHO.

Let me know if this has changed your opinion at all!

- Piers

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