> I would at first try to be a bit more friendly. I think, it is
> sufficient if one of the original authors writes an E-mail mentioning
> that Carsten forgot something and explaining what.
> What he did was definitely wrong but he should be given a chance to get
> out of the issue without losing his face. I guess it was a mistake
> (though a nasty one).

I agree with this opinion and would be happy if we could set up a short 
email that we send to the Imlib2 people signed by some of the people
owning the copyright of the affected code. Since it seems not necessary 
to involve Peter and Spencer at this point, some of the people who have 
made changes to the code should be ok as senders. I'm short in time right 
now. Who wants to set up an apropriate email ??

Salut, Sven

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