On 26 Jun, DrMartin.Weber wrote:

> I took several months' time to compare nearly all available color
> quantization algorithms. Shurely GIMP's Median Cut is good but not the
> best. SQC (http://www-dbv.cs.uni-bonn.de/quant/) is really the best
> one available and it is also fast. I have some code for this that I'll
> upload the next days. It is buggy and written in a bad C style. I
> think GIMP should use this best available algorithm. I do not find the
> time to port the code to GIMP. So if anyone is interested, feel free
> to contact me.

 We're due to release GIMP 1.2 in the near future. It's a little bit to
 late to introduce a new quantization algorithm right now. With GIMP 2.0
 we'll have the chance to let advanced user choose his preferred algorithm...



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