[EMAIL PROTECTED] spontaneously blurts out:
> On 25 Jun, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> >>  He and Raster are going to meet next week and then they'll think
> >>  about possible solutions for this conflict.
> > Don't they think this is demanding some _action_ (like reverting that
> > patch)? "meet next week" and "possible solutions" sounds, well, not
> > very serious.
>  The patch IS already reverted. About 5 minutes after my mail...

I talked to Raster right after the first email arrived and he said he
would take care of it. I was hoping to give him a running start before
the ugly free software posse jumped him. I must say that this mailing list
has degenerated into something akin to a Microsoft legal newsgroup. Shoot
first, let god sort'em out.

What happened was wrong, yes, but the ugly mob bristling with legal talent
doesn't seem too terribly community-like. Raster has provided more than
his share free software and is probably amongst the top ten people for
amount of code stolen from him, so a little 'slack' is appropriate.
Especially considering that he didn't even do it in the first place. I
could care less what you think of him or his code, but the ugly mob
crap is tiresome and downright juvenile.

I now await the mob turning on me.

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