I'm not posting HTML mail to this list !!! .... It is related to GIMP
development, i.e. I am either looking for an existing plugin or finding out
how to create my own in GIMP. It just so happens to be HTML-related, and so
therefore I was giving the background to what I wanted.

Regarding perl-o-tine, I mentioned in another EMail (posted around the same
time) that I wanted to investigate this, but could not find any Perl
scripting capability within GIMP. As I also mentioned, I am a newbie as far
as GIMP development goes - so please be gentle with me.....Perl
functionality is probably there, and I've looked for it, but I can't find

I am using v1.1.24.


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Subject: Re: GIMP Table Magic

> Hi,
> first of all: please stop posting HTML mail to this list.
> > I was looking in the DB Browser, and noticed a function called =
> > file-GTM-save. In the blurb, it says that it is called "GIMP Table =
> > Magic", and it creates an HTML table from an image by slicing it up. =
> > This is not unlike what Macromedia Fireworks does (in Fireworks, you can
> > slice up an image and create javascript rollovers from certain slices).
> GTM is definitely not what you are looking for. It creates a HTML table
> with uniformly colored table cells representing your image. You don't
> want to try that on a 800x600 image.
> Try using guillotine or perl-o-tine. Both plug-ins slice the image along
> guides and perl-o-tine even creates the HTML for you.
> Salut, Sven

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