On Tuesday, 1 Aug 2000, Alexander Skwar wrote:

> Can I somehow use gimptool to do this?  I thought about something like
> "gimptool --prefix ~/tmp/prefix-dir --install-admin-bin pluginfile", and
> then gimptool should install "pluginfile" to
> "``~/tmp/prefix-dir''/usr/lib/gimp/1.1/plug-ins/", (without all those ",' &
> `) but this obviously does not work.  So, how can I find out where the
> plug-ins directory of gimp is?

The --prefix idea for gimptool sounds like a good and useful feature.

Some work needs to be done on gimptool before 1.2 can release.  In
particular, we need to be able to use it to automate the building of
DLL modules without using a gimp build tree.

Does anyone have skills in hacking it?  Last time I looked it was a
bit nightmarish.  If there's no-one better qualified to hack it, then
I will.  But it won't be pretty :(


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