I recently became a gimp user and have the following suggestion for
an addition to the gimp man page that would have saved me some time.
I have Version 1.0.4 of gimp.

The ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES section needs to include GIMP_DATADIR and
GIMP_DIRECTORY.  I learned by reading source code that I need to set
GIMP_DATADIR to the location of my share/gimp subdirectory (since I
don't have The Gimp installed in the compiled-in default location).  I
looked in the man page first for this information, since it's usually
there.  I also saw in the source code GIMP_DIRECTORY is similar, but I
couldn't quite figure out what it's for.

Also, in this version of the man page, there is a reference to
http://www.wilberworks.com/bugs.html, which doesn't exist.

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