Good Day,

While I've messed around with the gimp for a few years, now that I have a 
digital camera, I'm getting started with gimp programming.  FYI, I'm a 
seasoned programmer, so I won't post any general programming questions...

First off I think the gimp's architecture is totally cool, as it is more an 
image manipulation framework than an application.  I'm also in the camp of 
those who actually think scheme is a cool extension language, and would 
rather see the few problems ironed out there rather than moving to 
something like perl, but that's IMHO.  I know a lot of people aren't down 
with functional programming languages.

Ok now my questions.

I am correct in saying that memory management of gimp resources is an issue 
for script programmers?  For instance if I load an image, I assume I must 
do one of the following to prevent a memory leak:
1) display it so the user can manage it.
2) destroy it with gimp-image-delete
3) provide a UI to the user which allows them to manage undisplayed resources.

More generally is it possible for script-fu scripts to introduce memory 
leaks even tough scheme in itself is a garbage collected language?

Secondly, I'm confused by the function gimp-file-save.  Specifically why do 
I need to pass an image and a drawable?  If I load an image, do some image 
level manipulations on it, and then want to save it with gimp-image-save, 
do I need to create a layer?


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