I'm new to this group and have used The Gimp only a little over the last
few months.

I've spent the last couple of weeks reading what I could of how to go about
interfacing to The Gimp from a language other than scheme or perl, and I'm
rather confused :-(

In the 1.1.25 source distro, the notes associated with pdbgen seem to suggest
that an interface to libgimp is what I am looking for, but I obviously don't
understand the architecture of this interface. I'm also confused by how a
plug-in is controlled and what the difference is between a plug-in and a

Perhaps its easier if I explain how I want to use the Gimp, and someone can
tell me if I'm way off track or not.

I want to be able to write an extension to Rexx, which allows me to access
all of the Gimp functionality, presumably with PDB, from within a Rexx
program, and have the Rexx program control the logic.

Something like: (excuse the errors in logic; I'm not that familiar with Gimp)

img = GimpCreateImage(...)
Do 5 /* create 5 layers */
   Call GimpAddLayer(img,...)

I assumed that simply wrapping the calls in libgimp, into Rexx-callable
functions would be all that is required, but when I linked the interface I
found I needed to define my own PLUG_IN_INFO structure. Now this structure
implies that using libgimp enables me to write a plug-in and presumably
register that plugin, but that I then have to run this new plug-in from the
Gimp, and it is the Gimp that controls the execution of the plug-in, not the
other way around. This is where I'm confused :-(

Any explanation to clarify the situation would be appreciated.

Cheers, Mark
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