Dear All

I've been trying to get Gimp to load a Jpeg file which will load with
any other application under SuSE 6.4.

I started with Gimp 1.1.18 which came with SuSE 6.4 in the box.  When
I tried to open the Jpeg file Gimp froze and I couldn't close the
application at all. So, I downloaded Gimp 1.0.4 and 1.1.18 in tar.gz
and bzip2 format.  I then deleted the Gimp application with YaST.

After compiling 1.0.4 I got the same result.  So, I tried compiling
1.1.18.  That did the same 

I have upgraded Perl to 5.6.01 and everything else on the hard disk
works fine.  After a few tries at various things I'm looking at a
message which says that I need to install a Perl PDL module.  Tried
that and it refuses to compile.

Anyone know what I'm suffering from here ?  Other than myself of
course :)


Sheffield UK

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