To the Editor of Popular Photography:

In your article "Expanding the Palette" in the October 2000 issue, you
listed several software products available for image editing and
painting in a box on page 62.  I was disappointed not to see The GIMP
not included in this roundup.  This is a very high quality, rich
software package that currently runs on Linux/UNIX and OS/2, with a
Windows port currently in progress.  While The GIMP does not currently
have all of the high end prepress capabilities of Photoshop, it comes
with an extensive library of tools and plug-ins.  It's completely
free, and the source code is just as completely free for anyone to
experiment with.

Most Linux distributions include The GIMP, and those who don't have
it, who want to experiment with the latest and greatest, or are simply
interested should take a look at

Robert Krawitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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"Linux doesn't dictate how I work, I dictate how Linux works."
--Eric Crampton

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