On Mon, Sep 25, 2000 at 01:14:51PM +0200, wrobell wrote:
> I have just downloaded gimp-1.1.26 and I've discovered that
> there is no plug-ins/pygimp directory. Looking into Changelog
> I can see some changes made to it in September. Why it is
> not distributed with gimp?

pygimp has been added to the gimp CVS tree with the intention of
including it in the distribution, but it hasn't actually made it in to
the distribution build yet.  PyGimp maintainer James Henstridge tells me
this is because building pygimp with the rest of GIMP would require some
automake/libtool versions that are not yet released, in order to
dynamically link the python gimpmodule.so against the freshly built
libgimp, before libgimp is installed.

Perhaps some automake wizard can find a way to hack around that -- I
don't know, that's definately not my strong suit.  But that's where the
hold-up is, anyway.

  - Kevin 

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