Right, one of the formal things Linus' little toy project does which
allows him to ship only a year or two late is to have a list of stuff
that needs doing before release. Of course, none of that stuff gets
done, but you can document it and move on. Another toy project, named
after that monster which was really a guy in a rubber suit, uses a
process where they first list "showstopper" bugs, and then slowly
whittle them away (with politics, not coding, silly me) and then they
all shout "Zarro Boogs". That project is even later than Xunil 4.2

Now, I bet a lot of money that Gimp 1.2 wouldn't be released in 2000
To make me lose, and put a huge grin on Marc's face, we must collect
a list of things to do before 1.2.0 can be released. I have never
seen a formal list (perhaps Yosh is hiding it) then for extra points
we need to fix all of the bugs in order, spelling "BONUS"

Enough hilarity. If you know of something which must be done before
1.2.0 please follow on to this mail. If you know of a reason why
we should unfreeze Gimp instead, feel free to let loose.

1. VAGUE: Documentation should be "good" (definition anyone?)
2. Critical/ Severe bug reports should be fixed or marked down (bug #s?)
3. VAGUE: Gimp should build out-of-box on lots of systems
99. Find and #ifdef any debug scribble to console
100. Check package files, READMEs, etc. for correctness

Of course I'm sure we'd release eventually anyway, but I think a lot
of talent lies idle not knowing what needs doing. So what DOES need
doing people?


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