Marc Lehmann writes:
 > No, this is not a spam, but rather funny... A friend of mine saw a
 > windows-"freeware"-cd with all sorts of features, including "gimp version
 > 2". He bought it and installed it (it was, of course, a gimp-1.1.2x).

Heh. BTW, did the CD include the source zipfiles? I always make a
point of telling those who ask for permission to redistribute
Windows-GIMP that they should also include the source zipfiles. (Yes,
I also tell them that they don't have to ask for permission, that
that's one of the points of Free Software.) Don't know how many of
them even understand what source code is, it's not very common to get
source code on Windows...;-)

For some reason lots of Japanese computer magazies want to include
GIMP on their freebie CDs. (I got a sample of such a magazine,
"Windows 100%", which had several pages of GIMP instructions and
tutorials.) Probably because of GIMP's good (?) Japanese localisation?
(Is PaintShopPro available in Japanese?)


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