[using gimp-1.0.4-3 ]

Dear Gimp-developer,

I have a Gimp-perl script for generating rollie buttons that used to work but
now fails,
presumably because of the following message I receive on starting Gimp:

 1: wire_read: unexpected EOF (plug-in crashed?)
 2: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_get_extents_fontname (1,1)
 3: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_fontname (1,1)
 4: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_get_extents_fontname (1,1)
 5: overwriting Gimp::Lib::gimp_text_fontname (1,1)  wire_read: unexpected EOF
(plug-in crashed?)

(my linenumbers)

Line 1: no idea what it is but I don't think it is relevant.

Lines 2-5: gimp_text_get_extents_fontname and gimp_text_get_extents_fontname
are the routines where my plugin _now_ crashes. "Now" means I have successfully
used the script a few weeks back and have not changed it since. This begs the
question "what has changed". In any case it seems these scripts are being
on startup.

Thankfull for any advice,

Darren Kelly

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