Hi people,

I'm developing Ogg Vorbis, the free audio compression codec. I'm writing
a tool to tune the psychoacoustic model. For that I'm changing the
values of some hundred numbers while listening to a piece of music. I
can already do that in a text editor, but that's tedious. So I
"invented" a new way of human computer interaction for this purpose. I'm
going to create an image file with as many pixels as I have numbers,
then paint the image and extract the values from that image file, and
listen to the music all the time. I think I'll do that with a grayscale
image, and I'd like to use GIMP for that.

Here are my two questions:

1. When are you going to implement auto-save? I can already use GIMP
with manual saving, but an auto-save function with a saving interval of
down to 10 ms (if that's possible) would let me track my changes

2. Which of the file formats that GIMP can write would be best to just
extract the color values of all pixels? It should be easy and fast. I've
found xpm, that would work. But with xpm I still have to look up the
color for each pixel in a table. Is there a format that simply stores
the color values for each pixel directly?

Thanks for your help.


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