On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Robert Voigt wrote:

> 1. When are you going to implement auto-save? I can already use GIMP
> with manual saving, but an auto-save function with a saving interval of
> down to 10 ms (if that's possible) would let me track my changes
> constantly.
This is similar to a question I had some time ago - I wanted to use
GIMP to paint texture maps as they are wrapped around a 3D model.

Rather than repeatedly saving to disk, you'd probably want a plugin
that could copy the current image into shared memory - that would be
a gazillion times faster I think.

> 2. Which of the file formats that GIMP can write would be best to just
> extract the color values of all pixels? It should be easy and fast. I've
> found xpm, that would work. But with xpm I still have to look up the
> color for each pixel in a table. Is there a format that simply stores
> the color values for each pixel directly?

Uncompressed SGI '.rgb' format is pretty close.

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