Andreas Jaekel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have just patched gimp-1.1.28 so that it now can do
> what is registered as wish list item #7100
>   #7100: [Wishlist] layer mask initialization
> in the bug database. (meaning, you can create a new
> layer mask and initialize it with a (desaturated) copy
> of the layer's content)
> Whom do I send this patch to, and did I use the prefered
> patch format?

It's perfectly OK to send small patches like this one to this
list. Another possibility is to upload it to ftp.gimp.org as
described in the README that you'll find in the incoming 
directory. The patch format is fine.

> What happens now?  ;)

Well, as my patch-criticm below explains I see only a few 
minor problems with your patch (from a first glimpse), but
we are very close to a 1.2 release and I'm undecided if I 
your change can be considered as a bug-fix... 

> diff -r -u gimp-1.1.28/app/layer_cmds.c gimp-1.1.28-a/app/layer_cmds.c
> --- gimp-1.1.28/app/layer_cmds.c      Thu Jun 22 05:23:18 2000
> +++ gimp-1.1.28-a/app/layer_cmds.c    Thu Oct 26 13:37:19 2000

don't edit files in the app directory ending on _cmds.c. They're
autogenerated from their counterparts in tools/pdbgen/pdb. Edit
the pdb file and run make in the toplevel directory.

> +           if(has_alpha)
> +             { // apply layer alpha to mask
No C++ comments allowed in our code!!

> +               gray = (rgb[0] + rgb[1] + rgb[2]) / 3;

This is plain wrong. Use INTENSITY (rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]) instead.

I'll have to look through the rest more carefully...

Salut, Sven

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