> It's perfectly OK to send small patches like this one to this
> list. Another possibility is to upload it to ftp.gimp.org as
> described in the README that you'll find in the incoming 
> directory. The patch format is fine.

Thank you for the information. Maybe that should go into
the gimp developer FAQ?

> > What happens now?  ;)
> Well, as my patch-criticm below explains I see only a few 
> minor problems with your patch (from a first glimpse), but
> we are very close to a 1.2 release and I'm undecided if I 
> your change can be considered as a bug-fix... 

I'm not eager to get this into Gimp right now. I guess it's
a new 'mini-freature' and thus, since you seem to have a feature-freeze,
it should probably wait until work starts on 1.3.

> don't edit files in the app directory ending on _cmds.c. They're
> autogenerated from their counterparts in tools/pdbgen/pdb. Edit
> the pdb file and run make in the toplevel directory.

I'm sure you have told that to many people before me. Is there some
kind of coding convention document or some text files explaining
the structures and macros and what to do and not to do in the
Gimp source? I'd hate to bother you with making all the common
mistakes again.

> No C++ comments allowed in our code!!

Point taken. This is a good example of what I mean.

> This is plain wrong. Use INTENSITY (rgb[0], rgb[1], rgb[2]) instead.

Again, point taken. How could I have found this on my own? I'd like to
write another couple of small additions, and I want to avoid trouble
and unneccessary work.

> I'll have to look through the rest more carefully...

Should I send a corrected patch to you?

       Andy, first-time-patcher ;)

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