Seth Burgess e-mailed me on Wed Nov  1 12:22:54 2000
(Re: "Re: ANNOUNCE: GIMP 1.1.29")
>> #27786: screenshot plugin on Solaris takes bus error
>> on exit
>> Subject: gimp; Severity: grave; Reported by: Austin
>> Donnelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>; 19 days old.
>> (this one is actually a bit more complex that that,
>> and it probably
>>  affects other platforms too, it's just that Solaris
>> feels it
>>  particularly badly).

I'm running Solaris 8 for Intel.  You know, I've been seeing something like
this as well, but not just with the "screenshot" plugin.  The "gz" and
"bzip" plugins die as well.  The plugins are actually working perfectly,
it's just that waitpid() seems to be filling in its status with something
pretty funky.

I'm guessing the problem is somewhere with the internationalization stuff.
Quite odd - because if I add some fprintf()s into the "gz" plugin to try to
debug it a bit - it starts working (actually, if I just add a
'fprintf(stderr,"")' right after the call to INIT_I18N() the plugin works -
if I add it before, it doesn't).

I have 3 Solaris x86 boxes that I can reproduce this on.  One of them was
just recently scrubbed and the OS re-installed.  I built Gimp from scratch,
but I still got the problem.

Is there anything I can do to help?

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