Sascha Luedecke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a multiplatform installation of gimp.  Though one can specify
> --prefix and --exec-prefix to configure the sources and thus the
> installation, the separation is not 100% clean.
> The file 
>         <sharedprefix>/etc/gimp/1.1/gimprc
> contains the hardcoded exec-prefix which IMHO is a bad thing, since it
> will be set to the last platform one installed GIMP for.  GIMP then
> cannot load plugins when started on a different platform.
> My workaround is to define system specific aliasesÍ
>         gimp --system-gimprc <syst dep. rgimprc>
> and maintain two gimprcs.
> I think this should be changed.  What is your opinion?

Could you please explain how this should be changed in your 

IMO we do The Right Thing (TM): system-dependent configuration
files are stored in ${sysconfdir}/etc. Your workaround looks
like a very clean way of handling multiple installations and
I do not see what gimp could do to make it more convenient.

Salut, Sven

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