Fraxinus writes:
 > Too change font/colors I have edited the global gtkrc at %windir%\gtk+

 > Im not too comfortable with that, shouldn't it be possible to do that on a
 > per-user basis. I have tried to put it in %home% and in the %home%\_gimp1.1
 > dir, but it doesn't seem to work.

It used to be posssible to have a user-specific gtkrc file for GIMP,
in the user's .gimp1.1 directory (_gimp1.1 on Windows), but apparently
this has changed at some time. (I had not noticed.) The user-specific
gtkrc file that user_install (.bat) copies from the gtkrc (_user) file
is not used at all. The GIMP's gtkrc file is now supposed to be a
common one for all users of a GIMP installation.

(Isn't the copying in user_install of gtkrc to the user's .gimp1.1
directory now unnecessary?)


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