Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It used to be posssible to have a user-specific gtkrc file for GIMP,
> in the user's .gimp1.1 directory (_gimp1.1 on Windows), but apparently
> this has changed at some time. (I had not noticed.) The user-specific
> gtkrc file that user_install (.bat) copies from the gtkrc (_user) file
> is not used at all. The GIMP's gtkrc file is now supposed to be a
> common one for all users of a GIMP installation.

This is a bug and I have just added the missing lines to parse the
users gtkrc (as found in ~/.gimp-1.1) after the systemwide gtkrc is
parsed. Tor, please check out gimp from CVS and check if it works for
the windows version too.

Salut, Sven

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