[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2000-11-09 at 1830.06 +0100):
> > I just found out the hard way that File->Revert is not undoable (I slipped
> > with the pen). Shouldn't that be either undoable OR an action that the user
> > had to acknowledge?

Yes, one of those two. I would like undo, see below.

> I think "revert" should really revert everything, including clearing
> the undo stack, just if you had just opened the file.

Then I would close and open the image, which is one step more (but
easy most of times, ctrl+w, go to last recent used list and reload),
cos I am sure what will happen, or load the file again and work on it
(closing the doubtful version when I am sure about the new one). I
would like, if possible (code freeze, etc), to be undoable, otherwise
it is a menu entry that you can do quickly with (two) keycombos.

> However exactly the same happened to me, which meant loss of half an hour
> of work. I'll add a warning dialog just as the "chanes were made to %s.
> really close?" one.

Yes, it should ask if undoable "Reverting 'imagename' will lose all
changes including undo stack" "Revert" "Cancel" (two lines + two
buttons, the important part is the buttons labels).


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