On Monday, 27 Nov 2000, Garry R. Osgood wrote:

> 3) An approach that I did not try runs along the line of changing
>    the compression strategy of gtkutil_compress_motion() so that it
>    rejects any motion event where a x*x + y*y - (x +dx)*(x +dx )- (y
>    +dy)*(y +dy) delta is less than a pre-set difference. Such a
>    filter is applied to all motion events. This may be a bit radical
>    this close to the Fabled 1.2 Release.

This particular formula is flawed: it would result in filtering out
_all_ events if you were to move the stylus in a circle around the

Something like (dx*dx + dy*dy) > thresh might be a better condition, no?


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