> I tried to reach its homepage at
>     http://freetype.gimp.org
> but never got any response from the server with an error:
>     Cannot open the HTTP connection to freetype.gimp.org port 80;
>       [No route to host].
> Anyone with the same problem or a better address?
> Uwe

Same problem here. I ran a couple of traceroutes and everything is fine
right up to gig8-1.snr1.CS.Berkeley.EDU (, after which I
get a No route to host too. Tracing gimp.org also got me to
gig8-1.snr1.CS.Berkeley.EDU, but that one does work, the box behind it
is graft.XCF.Berkeley.EDU ( Apparently someone at
Berkeley messed up the router config and/or the freetype.gimp.org
webserver and/or the DNS entries.

(that last one sounds plausible, freetype.gimp.org is
while gimp.org is I don't see why there would be two
different boxes, it could be a typo).

At any rate, it's not your connection that's at fault here.


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