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> I had to laugh about this one for a little bit:
> > we must think about the Unix way! Being inspired by MacOS, BeOS, NextStep
> > and even WinXX but finding a truly Unix solution.
> You mean, we must create hundreds of inconsistent versions of the same
> thing, make it outrageously difficult for users to learn, and keep making
> new incompatible revisions?  Isn't that truly the Unix way? :0
Unfortunately I have to agree here. Though I did not like timecop's
"strong" attitude, he's got some very important points.

There is _no_ Unix way.

Look at Netscape's shortcuts, e.g. "Close Window".
- on Sun: ALT-W
- on Irix: CTRL-W (consistent with other Irix applications)
- on Linux: ALT-W
- on Windows: CTRL-W

What is the Unix way? I think it is time for something like CDE with a
very large, very bold "Common" in it! It doesn't matter whether the
proposed standard will look more like Win* or Mac*; it just needs to be

I also think that one should be able to navigate menus by hitting
shortcuts. Okay, it's "the Windows way" but AFAIK the Mac does it too.

The <Image>-Menu is pretty difficult to use for me since my mouse is a 
bit wacky. And as timecop stated, remembering dozens of (private) 
shortcuts is far more difficult than remembering ALT-F-B-G or whatever

Bye, Tino.

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