Hi Rodrigo,

I noticed that you checked updates for the spanish translation of
gimp into CVS. Please note that we branched gimp CVS after the 
1.2.0 release. Since I assume you want the updates to go into the
stable branch (so they are available with the upcoming 1.2.1 
release), you should have checked into the gimp-1-2 branch. 

Please backup your versions of the es.po files and update your local
gimp repository using 'cvs update -r gimp-1-2'. Your CVS version will
then be tagged and subsequent updates and commits apply to the stable
branch. You should then apply your changes to this source tree and 
commit them. 

I wouldn't suggest you try to keep the translations uptodate in the
development branch. Translators should not yet have to worry about
gimp-1.3. I have forwarded this mail to the gimp-developers list so 
I don't have to explain this too often...

Salut, Sven

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