On Wednesday, 17 Jan 2001, Nick Lamb wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 12:42:23AM +0200, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > (No, I don't know why duplicate PDB procedures cause strange errors
> > and not just warnings. Anyway, GIMP seems to handle this situation
> > better in the current gimp-1-2.)
> It's a long standing bug in Gimp. I would really like to change the name
> of one of my plug-ins, but this bug prevents that (it would crash Gimp)
> It's possible, but unlikely that it's actually fixed in 1.2.0, but
> generally people poke inside the PDB, throw up, tweak something until
> the crash that annoyed them stops and go home.
> I don't blame them, and I wouldn't volunteer to re-write its hairy
> logic, so I've stopped whining about it. (unless this counts :) )

I fixed a number of duplicate-name related leaks and memory trampling
and other misc bugs in the PDB code a while back.

I thought I'd caught most problems with duplicate names.  If there are
still problems remaining, then it would be good to know.


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