I am pleased to announce a new plug-in that provides GIMP users with
a realistic color pencil tool.  Given a pressure-sensitive graphics
tablet, it looks and feels like a real artist's pencil.  You can also use
a mouse if you'd like.

The plug-in provides two new menu items: <Image>/Media/Texture... and
<Image>/Media/Color Pencils....  The "Texture" item will let you
select from a few common paper textures and then generates a texture
channel for your image.  You can also generate your own textures using the
standard GIMP tools/filters.  The "Color Pencils" item will pop up a new
window that will let you draw and erase as desired.  Once you have the
image the way you want, you can hit the "OK" button and the image will be
updated in The GIMP.

The webpage (and source code) for this plug-in is at:

Note that this is development-stage code, so please let me know if
you discover any bugs.

David A. Bartold

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