"Uwe Koloska" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have found a very annoying problem with gimps gtk+ colorselector.  Since 
> I don't use it normally, it came into my eye after installing digipencil. 
> Because the testprogramm that come with gtk+ shows the right behaviour, it 
> maybe there is a problem with the gimp inheritance of this widget.
> The problem:
> I click on the foreground color (black) and choose the gtk+ selector. Close 
> the color selector.
> Then click on the background (white) and the two labels under the 
> colorcircle are filled with black and white (from the left)

Very well noticed.
> My first problem was that I was unable to change the foreground color.  But 
> this was a problem with the value.  The circle shows a color but this color 
> has no value, so it was always black ...

The circle alone is not sufficient to choose a color. There has to be a 
way to change the colors value. But I guess you found that out pretty soon.

> And the behaviour I described above seems to be related to this.  The gtk+ 
> colorselector seems to display the color that was chosen the last time. 
> This is probably due to the fact, that the color selector isn't destroyed 
> after choosing a color.  If you leave the selector open and doubleclick on 
> the other color (back- or foreground) you can see this clearly.

The GTK+ colorselector does indeed remember the color last choosen so you
are able to see the contrast between the new color and the one you started 

Now to the point: Where's the problem??

Salut, Sven

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