You wrote on Freitag,  2. Februar 2001 12:19:
>> My first problem was that I was unable to change the foreground color. 
>> But this was a problem with the value.  The circle shows a color but
>> this color has no value, so it was always black ...
>The circle alone is not sufficient to choose a color. There has to be a
>way to change the colors value. But I guess you found that out pretty
> soon.

Okydoky -- I was not very clear about that ;-)  I found it out myself.

>The GTK+ colorselector does indeed remember the color last choosen so you
>are able to see the contrast between the new color and the one you started
>Now to the point: Where's the problem??

This isn't in sync with the behaviour of the other selectors.  There you 
always have the comparison with the color you want to change!  If you click 
on the fg-color you can watch your changes in contrast to the old color.  
It's of very limited use, to see the changes in contrast to a color you 
have chosen before.

Therefore the gimp colorselectors behaviour has to be changed or that of 


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