[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-02-02 at 2015.41 -0800):
> Any chance of this technology becoming more widespread throughout the gimp?

Please try all the tools and make a list of the ones that do nothing
with Ctrl and / or Shift and / or Alt (before clicking / after
clicking, like with Circle selection). Advice: set pointer to cross
and icon, that way it gives hints about what is happening (or will if
you click). Also keep open the Tool Options dialog, and watch the
buttons change. Tab also does magic when over an image (hit again to
get the volunteer back from backstag... err... nimbo).

I think you will be suprised, basic ops are there. Yes, there are some
things that would be nice to have in addition to current ones, but I
guess that the basics we have are plainly ignored, and thus people say
"Gimp lacks all nice functions" when the theme is "Gimp lacks some
nice functions" (and has some that PS does not have, like MB2
scrolling, I think).

BTW, the zoom / magnify thing appeared some mails ago (hold Ctrl to
swap mode, Gimp CVS 1.2). :]

Oops, late, I will read the doc after sleeping.


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