Avi Bercovich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> has the wishlist for features for gimp 1.4/2.0 been started?? If so where
> can I find it/add to it?

The source tree contains a file TODO which is a collection of ideas
that have come up over the years. Actually the file should not be
called TODO, but probably IDEAS or something similar.

The HEAD branch in CVS has a new file called TODO.xml which is the 
real TODO. We create a html version from it which can be found at
http://developer.gimp.org/. This site is supposed to become a place 
for documents regarding gimp development. We plan to add the API 
references and other documentation here and I talked with Xach 
about adding a forum where people can exchange ideas and discuss
feature requests.

Only very few new features will be allowed for Gimp-1.4. The goal
of the current development cycle is to clean up the source in order
to make it possible to reuse at least parts of it for Gimp-2.0.

Salut, Sven

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