There needs to be a way to select a texture before advanced tools can
be added to The GIMP.  I propose to create a new dialog box similar
to the pattern selector.  Instead of containing tilable RGB pixmaps, it
will contain tileable greyscale heightfield pixmaps.  These textures will
be used by some tools to simulate, for example, paper grain.

The user can see the current texture in the main window and in the
Device status window.  It will be near the current brush selection,
pattern, and gradient.

A mock-up "screenshot" is available here:

I'm not too happy about making the gradient a square rather than a
rectangle.  The brush, pattern, and texture could be horizontally
adjacent and the gradient placed underneath all three.  I.e.:
 ___   ___   ___
|   | |   | |   |
|___| |___| |___|
|               |

Anybody else have a suggestion?

There will need to be a new file format for the textures, however
the code can easily be borrowed from the .pat or .gbr plug-ins.  The
extension could be .gtx for GIMP Texture (assuming that extention isn't

- David

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