I dug into the paint core to see what needs to be changed to support
drawing on textured media.  Here's the basic modifications necessary:

  * enum BrushApplicationHardness:
    Add a new value "TEXTURE" which applies both pressure and
    texture to a brush mask.  It doesn't make sense to apply
    only texture.  Rationale: much of the realism afforded by
    textures is due to the interaction between them and the
    pressure an artist exerts on the medium.

  * function paint_core_get_brush_mask:
    Add "TEXTURE" to the switch statement.  It will call the function
    paint_core_texturize_mask (mask, x, y, pressure).

  * new function paint_core_texturize_mask:
    Calls paint_core_pressurize_mask.  Next, it calls
    gimp_context_get_texture ().  Last, it applies the texturing algorithm
    described in the previous email using the x and y arguments as an
    offset into the texture.

  * new function gimp_context_get_texture:
    Returns a GPattern * from the specified context.  Heeding Seth's
    advice not to create a new file format without good reason, I've
    determined the .PAT format to be suitable for this purpose: it
    supports grayscale data and description text.  Also, it provides
    an already existing API framework, GPattern.

I have Makefile.am and configure.in modifications for a new textures
directory.  Also, I have some texture tiles that may be added to the
new directory.  The autoconf/automake diffs will be sent in a seperate
email along with a pointer to the new tiles.

- David

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